Parenting Mag

Well, it’s finally happened – you’re going to have a baby! So, besides getting all of the baby clothes, baby toys, and every other kind of paraphernalia you deem necessary to have for your new baby, you also need to get the nursery ready. You do this yourself as it soothes you and makes you feel as if all of this is happening. But what you need to do is to stock up on parenting books. These, you’re sure, will pave the way for you to become a great parent. Then again perhaps you might pick up a parenting mag or two while you’re at it as well.

After all, what’s the weekly run down to the supermarket without coming back home with your cart piled high with mags of all sorts. Only this time you’ve not bought the how-to-lose-weight mags or even the fashion mags. This time you went and bought nearly every single parenting mag that you could find, along with a good food cookbook as well. You’re eating for two now so you need to keep fit and eat healthily.

Your husband raises the roof when he sees your stash of parenting books because you naturally stopped by the bookstore as well on your way home, and he also sees the parenting mag or two or three or six which you managed to pick up at the supermarket. However, he can’t complain much because although you did spend a small fortune on those, he had gone and done the same, and has even managed to bring back a parenting mag or two which you’ve also bought.

It doesn’t matter though as you both pile your stashes in the middle of the bed and get to reading. The information you find has you fascinated and you take turns in pointing things out to each other from the various books and articles you’re reading. What you need to know however you either earmark if it’s in a book, or if it’s in a parenting mag, then you tear out the section you need and put it in a binder which your husband thoughtfully prepared for just this eventuality.

Of course, before you tear anything out of that incredibly useful parenting mag, you should make sure that there isn’t anything important on the back of that page. If it’s a parenting mag of which you have two copies then this shouldn’t present you with a problem, but otherwise, it’s always good practice to check before you tear anything out.

Gina Snyder